We supply and rebuild Original Equipment Garrett Turbochargers which is the factory equipped turbo for many manufacturers such as Duramax, Powerstroke and many other commercial vehicles.
We also offer stock location upgraded turbochargers for many applications as well as performance turbochargers such as the GTX series

Some of the Garrett Turbochargers we service and supply

Garrett GT2560
Garrett GT2571
Garrett GT28R
Garrett GT2863
Garrett GT2876
Garrett GT3071
Garrett GT3076
Garrett GT3576
Garrett GT3582
Garrett GT35R
Garrett GT3788R
Garrett GT4088
Garrett GT4294

We Carry many types of configurations based on what your needs are. We offer stock location replacements, upgrades and custom Garrett turbochargers for custom setups.

Our Distributors